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Program Overview

  • Stay duration: August 5, 2024 ~ December 19, 2025 (17 months)
    During the 17 months at Korea Aerospace University, students are strongly recommended to complete their thesis.
  • Academic duration: August 26, 2024 ~ November 28, 2025 (17 months)
    The diploma will be issued before the return, contingent on the successful completion of the thesis.
Master of Science in Aviation Policy
  • 1) To provide high-quality education for the aviation practitioners and professionals from developing countries, offering theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the fields of (a) aviation policy and management and (b) aviation and airport operation;
  • 2) To cultivate a pool of future international experts who can actively engage in and play meaningful roles in the international aviation sector;
  • 3) To conduct academic research to improve understanding of the mechanisms in the international aviation sector and policy dynamics in each participating country;
  • 4) To share Korea's development experience, which can be practically applied to endeavors aimed at achieving economic development and improving conditions in airports and the aviation sector in the participant's country;
  • 5) To establish cooperative relationships between Korea and partner countries through the global network of international aviation, and to nurture pro-Korean leaders in the global arena.
Training Institute
Korea Aerospace University
Number of Participants
English fluency that requires no translation
Eun-Ik Residence Hall, the on-campus dormitory room (double-occupancy)