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Campus Life

Issuing a student certificate

Please request a certificate of transcript (official academic background) and a certificate of enrollment through the issuing machine in the Student Hall and Administration building.

Type Language Fee
Academic Transcript Korean/English Machine 1,200~1,500KRW
Certificate of Enrollment Korean/English Machine 1,200~1,500KRW

Contact information for graduate school and department

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 02-300-0170/0100 Aviation Management 02-300-0080
Electronics and Information Engineering 02-300-0120/0130 Air Transport, Transportation and Logistics 02-300-0340
Computer Engineering 02-300-0180 Business Administration 02-300-0090/0350
Materials Science and Engineering 02-300-0160 Air & Space Law 02-300-0315
Smart Air Mobility 02-300-0255

Student Hall

Facilities Location Phone
Convenience Store (GS25) 1F Dining Hall 02-3158-0336
Woori Bank 1F
(Operation Hours: 09:30~15:30)
Blue Pot (Cafe) 1F Main Lobby

Engineering Building

Facilities Location Phone
Convenience Store (CU) Electronic Building 1F 02-3159-7479
Copy Center Mechanical Building 3F 02-3158-4631
Job Cafe Mechanical Building 3F

Research Building

Emergency Call Location Phone
All-source situation Room Research Building 1F 02-300-0438

Dormitory (Eunik-Building)

Counseling center

Medical center