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Application Schedule

Admission Schedule
The period for Application
First recruitment 2nd recruitment
2022.4.4.(Mon) ~ 4.14(Thu) 2022.5.16.(Mon) ~ 5.24(Tue)
  • All Application Documents should be submitted during this period. Foreigners have to submit an application form by registered mail or visiting the Univ.
Admission Examination
Admission decisions depend on documentation test scores.
Documentation tests are evaluated by reviewing the Application Form, including the application documents and the letters of recommendation. The Office of Graduate School Academic Affairs may request additional materials to review, if necessary.
(Interviews, if necessary, can be done. face to face, or by telephone or computer, etc.)
May 21(Fri), 2021 (Applicants will be notified individually.)
Announcement of Admission Result :
First recruitment 2nd recruitment 3nd recruitment
2021.11.26.(Fri) 2022.1.3.(Mon) 2022.1.28.(Fri)
Registration Period
First recruitment 2nd recruitment 3nd recruitment
2022.2.7.(Mon) ~ 2.11(Fri) 2022.2.7.(Mon) ~ 2.11(Fri) 2022.2.7(Mon)~2.11(Fri)